1. Given a chance to draw a prize when you have make an order of minimum of RM20.
2. Prizes are:
- 10% discount
- 20% discount
- 50% discount
- Free single Add On item
- Free Member Card
- Free Voucher

'Member's Special'
- Members are entitled a free item upon visit. (1 ice cream for 1 membership)


Why is Brown Pocket's waffle an experience like no other?

The secret is, the waffles are dense and chewy, made with a dough rather than a batter.

The best part of our waffles is the pearl sugar that melts and caramelizes in the waffles creates a crunchy texture that is different than any other waffles.



(604) 218 9668



6th Floor Alfresco Area, Gurney Paragon Mall, 10300, Penang, Malaysia.


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