Yogurt Parfait

Do you know that your body needs to have a healthy amount of ''good'' bacteria in the digestive tract? Our homemade yogurts are just something you need if you're a health-conscious person.

F1. Mix Berries Yogurt

yogurt layered with berries compote and granola.   11.90

 F2. Mango Yogurt

yogurt layered with fresh mango and granola.   11.90

 F3. Azuki Matcha Yogurt

yogurt layered with azuki beans and matcha ice cream.   11.90

 F4. Banana Yogurt

yogurt layered with banana compote and granola.   11.90

F5. pistachio Yogurt

yogurt layered with roasted pistachio, strawberry slices and strawberry puree.   11.90



Pocket's Happiness

Double the happiness peeps! These small serving of sundaes or parfaits that will please your tummy after having the mains, happiness isn’t a sin. 

G1. Affogato

Ice cream topped with a single shot of espresso. The traditional Italian espresso-based treat!    9.90

G2. Mocha-Pocha  (Only available on weekends)

Layers of vanilla ice cream & chocolate ice cream, combined with our chocolate ganache solo espresso, then finished with whipped cream on top. Rich and smooth!   11.90

G3. Berrymisu (Only available on weekends)

Layers of vanilla ice cream, homemade tiramisu, mix berries compote and whipped cream. The trick is not to stir, but enjoy the four stages of happiness.   11.90



All products shown are for illustration purpose only

All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 6% GST